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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Amazing Faces: Memories of Paris

Statue at Paris, France
My memories of Paris are backed up on those little square plastic disks that fit in my first digital camera. It was a Sony camera that was big and heavy, and I never could get a straight picture from it. Moises became the photographer that trip of 2002. He sure took some great shots of faces in Paris, with all kinds of expressions and in various mediums. I really don't remember where we took all of them, but it is fun to reminisce.

Wall of Arc de Triomphe, Paris

Who is this?

I love the bust above, but who is he? Can anybody tell me?

Also, I would love to identify the below painting at the Louvre. It is fabulous.

Painting at the Louvre, Paris
Oh, and here we are with the infamous camera!

Moises and me with our first digital camera photo taken at Versailles

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  1. I can't figure out who the gentleman is with the big nose. Very interesting looking but I love the first bust more.