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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Eze, France: My Favorite Spot

View of the area around Eze, France
On my Holland America Eurodam cruise of the Western Med, my favorite spot was Eze, France. Don't get me wrong - I loved Monaco and Palermo. I found Tunisia interesting and with great people and food. Palermo and Santa Margherita Ligure are spectacular, but the one place that found a place in my heart was Eze, France. More information on this beautiful medieval village can be found here.

at Eze

Eze is everything I love with picturesque mountain tops, wonderful staircases, awesome views and very few people. It is on the French Riviera but is not pretentious. The food is wonderful and there is the most blessed Church that will take up a few posts, I am sure. For now, here are a few impressions of Eze, somewhere I would definitely like to return.


Architectural detail at Eze Church

View from the top at Eze, France
There is also a wonderful cemetery with many gravestones in English. I really need to investigate why.

Gravestone in Cemetery at Eze

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  1. There are some lovely photos here. You captured the essence of Eze so well. Great job!