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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Tunisia: Worth a Look

Wall detail in Tunisia

On my cruise of the Western Med from Rome to Rome, one of our stops was Tunisia. I had heard varying comments from not worth getting off to the best port on the cruise. Since the cruise was full of awesome ports, I don't think I can say that it was my favorite spot, but I can say that I liked it and that is was the most exotic place we went. It is a Muslim country, but the people drink wine. It is mostly laid back with bothersome vendors, so I felt right at home. Cozumel is the same.

I did the Best of Tunisia tour, which was probably too much. If I ever go back, I would like to do a more extensive ruins tour, and I refused to go up for the Turkish rug presentation. I am allergic to wool, and I could feel the sneezing coming on when I hit the stairs. But the shop owner chit chatted with me while the presentation was being made, and I liked the people. They were heartfelt and warm.

Hat making demonstration in the Medina of Tunis

We went to the Bardo Museum, the Souk of the Medina (basically the Market), Carthage ruins and had a great lunch at what seemed to be a country club. The president of Palestine was at the Bardo when we first arrived, so our guide took us to the Medina before most of the shops were opened, and then we returned to the Bardo. It was a great way to see the Souk without all the crowds. Finally, we went to Sidi Bou Said, a village with blue and white houses. That felt like the tourist trap to me, but the houses were interesting. 

Shop in the Medina of Tunisia

Friends I met on the Best of Tunisia tour
I met a great couple on this tour that I spent time with throughout the cruise. Thanks for the great memories, Mee Len and Spencer.

Camels at the port of La Goulette
I will report more on each of the spots we visited. But I want to say, do not shy away from Tunisia. After just going through a war, they need the business and it is really interesting. To me, the people make the place and I liked the people of Tunisia. Our guide was especially nice.

Guide at Tunis

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  1. I was wondering about Tunisia. A neighbor on mine went and complained about all the garbage. But she says the same about Cozumel, and I love it there. So I am glad to see your post and know it is worth a visit.