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Sunday, June 24, 2012

More of Tunisia

Police enjoying breakfast in front of the Medina at Tunis

I thoroughly enjoyed our stop at Tunis while on the Med Glamour cruise. I have heard others say it is dirty and crowded, and even though it is, the people are lovely and the country is fascinating. Information on the Medina of Tunis can be found on Wikipedia here. We arrived early on a Sunday morning. The government offices are covered with barb wire as they had a revolution only a year or so ago. The police presence was strong, except it was a pretty laid back affair, with the policemen enjoying a breakfast of fried meat in pita bread around a cart. Reminded me of the breakfast taco stands in Cozumel.

Tunis architecture

Blue doors of Tunis
The architecture of Tunis is amazing, with beautiful blue and yellow doors. The stonework is also quite impressive. The homes in the Medina area are some of the most expensive of the country.

Also don't miss the Bardo Museum. It was undergoing a move that I believe had been going on for a while. I snapped a few photos of the local people, really beautiful. I especially liked the one of this little boy.

Adorable boy at Bardo Museum
More information on visiting Tunis can be found here.

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  1. I was sorry to hear that some of the cruise ships are not stopping at Tunisia due to unrest.