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Monday, February 18, 2013

Palermo: Traffic, Chaos and More

Palermo traffic
Our first stop on our Holland America Eurodam cruise was Palermo, Sicily. Before I went, I had mixed reviews from the friends who have been. Most said stay away, go to Monreale or somewhere else, but I'm glad I didn't skip the tour to Palermo. I loved it. There is something so uniquely charming about this chaotic, crazy place.

Palermo traffic on a Saturday
The traffic, because it was Saturday, was heavy but not horrible. There really wasn't a sense of hurry. Sicily is an amazing place, filled with sunshine, palm trees and people that are incredibly happy and hard-working. They smile. They gesture. They live life fully.

Palermo streets

I loved the city tour of Palermo, full of grime and graffiti but also with stores like Frette, the most wonderful linens on this planet. Frette sheets are incredible. Some day I hope to sleep on some!

Frette store at Palermo

We did a tour of Palermo to the Cathedral and then off to Monreale. I have to admit I preferred Palermo. Sure, the Cathedral in Monreale is impressive and I loved the coffee shop I went to, but for real charm, I pick Palermo any time!

Our driver on his cell phone while waiting in Palermo traffic

If you would like more information on what to see and do in Palermo, click here. It is a good list from Lonely Planet.

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