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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Magna Grecia Farm Tour

Magna Grecia Farm Tour Fun
On the Holland America Zuiderdam in June of this year, we went to a tour called Magna Grecia Farm Tour at Katakolon. As much as I liked the Olympia tour in 2008 (especially the museum), I just couldn't see do it a second time. There were not many choices, and I knew hanging around Katakolon would be a bit boring. It is lovely but a really small town, at least the shopping area. 

Magna Grecia Farm Tour turkey
At the time I was there, I thought the tour was just so-so. In retrospect, I think it was actually a pretty good tour. We had good food and drink, a small lecture about what the farm does, including growing and harvesting grapes for wine and growing olives and processing the olive oil. The food was amazing, and after of course we did Greek dancing. Everywhere you go in Greece, they have dancing after the meal.

Magna Grecia Farm Tour chicken
The owner said they grow everything that we ate, so unfortunately I don't think either this chicken or the turkey are long for the world.

If you go to Katakolon and don't want to do the dusty and hot site of Olympia, think Magna Grecia Farm tour! More info can be found here.

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