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Monday, June 3, 2013

Juan de Aragon buried at Monastery of Montserrat

Juan de Aragon buried at Montserrat Monastery
I have to admit I am the worst person to take organized tours. I always wander off and snap photos, read what is written on walls and generally pay no attention to the tour guide. I know there are times I could really learn something, but I can only have so many of my senses engaged at the same time. I listen on the bus approaching where we are going and normally get some background info. But once we arrive, I am off in my own little world. Same went for the tour to Montserrat, so I am not sure that this information was or was not told to us on the tour. I tend to research what I find when I get back. I took photos of the information on the walls as well to remember what I saw.

Juan of Aragon died on the 5 of July 1528
The information I found on Juan of Aragon is pretty interesting. He is buried at the Monestary of Montserrat. He was the bastard grandson of John II of Aragon, who was King from 1458 to 1479. Accoring to wikipedia, John II of Aragon  was also called "John II the Faithless[1] (CatalanJoan II el Sense Fe), also known as the Great (29 June 1398 – 20 January 1479)[2] was the King of Aragon from 1458 until 1479, and jure uxoris King of Navarre from 1425 until his death. He was the son of Ferdinand I and his wife Eleanor of Alburquerque. John is regarded as one of the most memorable and most unscrupulous kings of the 15th century."

So Juan de Aragon was a bastard grandson of an unscrupulous King. He ran in to a lot of troubles with his underlings when he was appointed in charge of Naples. In 1512, he was appointed Viceroy of Catalonia, but that didn't last long. By 1514, he had been relieved of his duties. Who would know he had such a checkered past by the beautiful burial memorial he has at Montserrat. 

How intriguing!
Juan de Aragon memorial

Full view of Juan de Aragon memorial

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