"Gargoyles & Graffiti"chronicles architectural elements that I find interesting or unique in my travels. Gargoyles are my passion, but today graffiti (which I hate but am learning to love as it is everywhere) is as much a part of architecture as the gargoyles and decorative railings that thrill me.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Walking Around Venice Part 2

Venice canal
There is something so mesmerizing about the water of the Venice canals. Like a deep lagoon of green water, you can't see in to it. I have been told it is dirty. I have been told it even smells at times. Never when I was there has it smelled bad. To me though, Venice is mystery and passion and excitement. I just love it, and I love her canals. I love all the activity and buzz. I love that I felt welcome.

I love the frivolity and fun. There is just something in the air in Venice. I guess it is a sense of mischief. All the masks and decked out creatures!

Restaurant at Venice

Hats for sale at Venice

Around every corner is some amazing architectural feature that is to die for, including these lovely grates on a bridge with the crumbling buildings beyond.

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