"Gargoyles & Graffiti"chronicles architectural elements that I find interesting or unique in my travels. Gargoyles are my passion, but today graffiti (which I hate but am learning to love as it is everywhere) is as much a part of architecture as the gargoyles and decorative railings that thrill me.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Heather's Photos: Paris Vintage Shop Fit for Gargoyles

photo by Heather Wolf Bryan at Paris
Paris is one of those places where gargoyles abound. This vintage shop that Heather Wolf Bryan photographed on her most recent trip there is one such place. I love how the clothing hangs down from the ceiling. You can just imagine a gargoyle or two hiding between the dresses.

Boots anyone? by Heather Wolf Bryan
I am not quite sure what material is covering the structure that holds the boots, but it almost looks like jean material. How creative! Actually in the next photo I can make out it is jean material that covers the structures.

Staircase photo by Heather Wolf Bryan

Funky shop by Heather Wolf Bryan
So if gargoyles have not made it here yet, this is a notice to all gargoyles. Make your way to this vintage shop and make yourself at home. Thanks again, Heather, for the great photos!

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