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Friday, May 10, 2013

Venice: Italy's Charmer

Venice waterways

Venice never changes. With the insane amount of people and activity and the fact that most places must be reached by boat or bridges, it would seem that Venice would be a frustrating place. The first time I went, I felt overwhelmed by its insanity. Who builds a city on water? But this time, my second visit to Venice, I appreciated it so much more. Definitely a gargoyle-inspired city and also a working city.

Arriving at Piazalle Roma by the bus station
I got off the ship at 8am, which gave me plenty of time to get in to Venice and walk around a bit before having to go to the airport. I walked to Piazzale Roma, which I don't recommend. The People Mover would have been a better option, but I was in a hurry and there was a big crowd heading that way as we exited the ship. If you take the People Mover, you end up right by where you need to be to drop off luggage at $7 euros a bag. There is a green awning right next door to the luggage place. If you don't know where it is, the local people can't help you. They have no idea, but a tourist happened to overhear me asking at the bus station and she got her husband to point out the place. 

Early in the morning, the line had about ten people waiting. When I came back around 11am to pick up my luggage, there were probably over 100 people waiting to store luggage, so the place gets crazy.

Venice by Piazzale Roma

I didn't venture too far from the Piazzale Roma, just took in some small canals and walked around by the train station. Having been to Venice before, I had done the major squares and even though it would have been great to see San Marco again, I knew I would get lost and not find my way back. Just venturing out a bit was really quite fun. I was a bit tired from the cruise, so instead of walking the two hours, I found a place to sit down and have breakfast and people watch. 

In true Venice style, a group of four musicians came by and played for us. It was amazing. For a few euros tip, we enjoyed some wonderful music. 

Musicians by Hotel Papodopoli

I also discovered a hotel that looks really great. It is walkable from the bus that comes from the Venice airport, which by the way was $6 euros and really easy to use and a nice ride. The other option is to arrive by train. The hotel is far enough in to walk everywhere, yet close enough to bus and train options that you don't need to take a private water taxi to your hotel, which will set you back anywhere from $80 to $100 euros. 

Hotel Papodopoli at Venice
Information on this hotel can be found here


  1. Hotel looks interesting. Will have to check it out.

  2. So glad for you! Venice is amazing! I am glad you had the chance to visit it.