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Monday, November 28, 2011

What Church is This in Basel, Switzerland?

Is this the Munster Cathedral in Basel?
I really need some help from my European readers. Is this photo above of the Munster Cathedral in Basel, Switzerland? It looks like it from this photo, but in a few of the other exterior photos and in all of the interior photos, I cannot find any matches online. All the photos I find look very different, especially the interior photos. Please, readers, help me out. Let me know if you can.

The Munster Cathedral in Basel has an interesting past as it started as a Catholic cathedral, but it has been a Protestant Cathedral since 1529, of the order of the Swiss Reform Church. More fascinating information on this Cathedral can be found on wikipedia by clicking here.

From the reading I did today, it appears there are numerous chapels and what looks like an area for information that is gated, please help me identify. It is driving me crazy! TIA.

Near by gargoyle-themed trees
No post would be complete without at least one gargoyle!