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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Brussels: Better than Brussel Sprouts

Close-up on wall of Grand Place in Brussels
Before my cruise from Barcelona to Dover, I angsted over whether I preferred to go to Bruges, Ghent or Brussels on the day we docked in Zeebrugge, Belgium. Each place had its own charm. Bruges has the waterways and cute shops and is so convincingly medieval, even though it is said most of it was bombed during the war and rebuilt. I was told that Ghent is a bit more authentic and a real town, not a tourist trap. And finally Brussels .... a few people tried to discourage me from going to Brussels. But I think Brussels must be a lot like Brussel sprouts, either you love them or you hate them. I happen to love them, so maybe that is why I loved Brussels so much. (Just kidding.) 

Grand Place

In my mind, what's not to love? Okay, so it is a bit dirty but what super congested city is not. There is a ton of construction going on now and supposedly many pickpockets. I didn't see any or hear any horror stories from our bus tour group. But the buildings are awe-inspiring and being the seat of the European Union, it is just so darn interesting. Every other block has some embassy or other, and there must be over a hundred museums. 

Mannequin Pis, Brussels

We did a walking tour and honestly, we didn't walk far. It just took forever because of the crowds. It was a Saturday so we did not have the added traffic from the business people. There were a lot of tourists from the UK though, so since I was only there the one day, I am not sure if the tourist sites are more or less crowded during the week. When you come upon Mannequin Pis and see this little boy statue who is famous for peeing and has over 300 costumes in a museum, or round the corner and see for the first time the Grand Place, the central square of Brussels, with all its medieval buildings still in operation, you understand why it is so crowded. It is just that great ... one of the most beautiful sites on earth, truly. To make it even more special, there was a wedding going on, and the limousine waiting for the lucky couple was an old convertible Jaguar. Ou la la.

I loved Brussels. I loved the chocolates, the fun-loving people, the restaurant where we ate ... I mean, when is a mass-produced meal for cruise ship tours good? Normally if the meal is edible, I am happy. We had chicken, but it was delightful. I loved the old streets and the city museum I visited. The only thing I didn't like is we had to leave. I wanted to stay longer.

Little boy scooting along with his brother and dad

First mall in the world with lots of chocolate shops

On the tour bus back, I chatted with a lovely couple who sat behind me. I explained to them that I was torn on which tour to take, but I was happy with my choice. They said that they had encountered the same dilemma the year before and and chosen Bruges. Therefore, they opted for Brussels this time around. She turned to me with a big smile and said, "I never expected to come back so soon, but here we are just one year later." She gave me hope that I would go back, but truth be told, I would probably opt to go to Brussels again. I just loved it that much.

Lovely couple from the tour


  1. that grand palace is a lovely piece of architecture! so glad you had a wonderful time in brussels. maybe someday i can see it too!

  2. Hope so. You will love it. Thanks!

  3. The mall is great. Love the couple on the bus. Great article.