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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Athens' Ancient Agora

Ancent Agora at Athens

One of my favorite stops on the Greek Med cruise this past June was the stop at Athens. I had been there before on a land trip in 2009, and I hadn't liked it nearly as much as I did this time. I arrived in 2009 right in time for Greek Easter, so the place was deserted. This time around, I decided to take an organized tour with the ship. I loved it.

Ancient Agora Ruins

We went to the Ancient Agora, then a walk in the Plaka and finally to a great restaurant for snacks. The food was wonderful and the service terrific.
Lovely restaurant at the Plaka, Athens

As it was a very hot day, I was grateful to be walking the almost deserted Agora or marketplace, instead of dealing with the crowds at the Acropolis. I had adored the Acropolis in 2009, but I had arrived at 8am and walked all the way up long before most of the people arrived. But midday, I was on my way back down.

I even met a friend for the day, can't remember her name but here is a few photos of her. We had a great time together.

If you find yourself in Athens and have already done the Acropolis, then think about this lovely walk through time at the Ancient Agora. More information can be found here.

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