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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Transatlantic Professional Photos Part 3 at Gibraltar

me at windy Gibraltar
The candid shot of me getting off the boat at Gibraltar came about as I went back on the ship to look for Lavinia, the spa receptionist we befriended. She was to meet us at the gangway, but there were two gangways getting off that day, one front and the other midship. So I popped back on to check to see if she was at the midship location. When I came back off, I had the photographer take my photo. 

Lavinia from the Spa with Jimena
Having Lavinia with us was super fun. She is not only a great receptionist at the Elemis Spa on the Nieuw Amsterdam, she is also a very sweet and wonderful person. She made our day extra fun!

It was a super windy but sunny day. In the shade, it felt quite cold, but the day warmed up as it went on. That was my second time in Gibraltar, and I enjoyed it just as much as the first time. So much to see and do, and the Barbary apes are so fun. We did have a little incident at the Trafalgar Cemetery. A group of Barbary apes made their way down from the Rock, and one of them grabbed my shopping bag. I forgot I had marshmellows and licorice in the bag, but a stern warning did the trick. He let go. Not only is it illegal to feed the Barbary apes, it is also just a really bad idea. If one gets something, the others come running and the adults are really large.

Jimena, Moises & Lavinia 

We took a lot of photos of Gibraltar, as witnessed above. I even took one of a Street Cleaner. I loved his attire with the flip flops.

Lavinia and a Street Cleaner
More information on the Barbary apes, which are actually a stub-tailed monkey, can be found here. I just read an article that they may try to reintroduce about half the population back in to the wild, as so many have become fearless of humans due to their being fed. Please don't feed the Barbary apes, as that leads to them becoming aggressive. I even saw a tour guide feeding them. What a shame.

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