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Monday, October 26, 2015

Forza d'Agrò: A Feast for the Eyes

Forza d'Agro house entrance
I have done my fair share of travel, lots of it in Europe. I am very thankful for the opportunities I've had. But no matter where I go, my favorite places in the world are almost always in Italy. Greece has some gorgeous islands too, but Italy is just chock-full of lovely towns. My new favorite area in Italy is Sicily. I love the quaintness of Taormina, the madness and passion of Palermo; and I have also found a new town that is a feast for the eyes ... Forza d'Agro. I am not the first. Francis Ford Coppola chose it for all his Godfather movies.

Part of the Norman Castle that sits above Forza d'Agro in ruins

There is something magical about this town of Forza d'Agro, perched not far away but much further up than Messina in Sicily. It is an uphill climb from the ocean of 420 meters (around 1200 ft.). I almost thought the bus was not going to make it, but we did.

Forza d'Agro entry
Unfortunately too much time has elapsed and I can't figure out which set of doors this is. I don't think they are from the Baroque Church, possibly from San Agostino. It doesn't change the beauty of the doors.

Ceramic tiles showing the town map

Even the car park was charming

I took a tour from the ship called the Godfather tour. We were supposed to also go to Savoca, which I was really looking forward to. But the road was washed out, so we went to Taormina. I had been there before, but it is such a beautiful place, I really didn't mind going again. Photos of Taormina to follow!

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