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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Mariemont Inn: Best of Both Worlds

Hallway of rooms at Mariemont Inn
Never in a million years did I think I would find the most awesome inn I have ever stayed at right in my home town. For our reunion this summer, my niece and I decided to meet in Cincinnati, where we were born. I searched on Google for a hotel that was close by where Sarah and my brother would be staying. 

Hall bench at Mariemont Inn

 I remembered the Mariemont Inn from years back when my mom and I would go for lunch. But they have done an incredible restoration to the way it was in 1923. The place is gorgeous and the rooms are so comfortable with Tempurpedic mattresses. They didn't have those in 1923, but I am glad they put them in any way. The one thing they needed to do is hide the TV as TVs were not present in 1923. I guess the mattresses they could get away with, as that is not seen when you view the room.

Television behind the painting at Mariemont Inn

The television is cleverly hidden behind a painting. You press a button and the screen moves to expose the TV. The Mariemont Inn is truly the best of both worlds, old-time charm and incredible woodwork of 1923 and the comforts of 2013. Definitely worth a stay. Even if you live in town, come for the weekend. You won't be sorry you did!

More information on this great property can be found here.

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